Security Solutions

Our Security Division is dedicated to providing the most advanced electronic security solutions. With global, national reach and local expertise, we help residential and commercial organizations safeguard against internal and external security threats including: burglary, internal theft, organized crime, intrusion, inventory loss, and workplace violence.

NYS License # 12000294125

Electronic Premises Security

We help you protect your family, employees, customers, facilities, assets, inventory, processes and operations with solutions that are geared to your home and business, scaled to your enterprise, and enhanced with the most intelligent information management and security management solutions.

Access Control

Access control starts with a platform that can scale to the needs and ever-changing environment of your business. Our solutions range from entry-level to enterprise systems that provide the flexibility and performance you expect from a technology-driven security company.

Our access systems are comprised of two offerings that will cover most market needs; an enterprise managed local system or cloud-based systems.


Surveillance System

We believe powerful video management systems should not be complicated. We only deploy network video recorder (NVRs) and software solutions that give you control over your workstation with a simplified screen layout, intuitive controls, and customizable features that improve multi-person interactions.


Biometric Systems


We offer a wide range of options in order to create solutions to work for your organization. From integrations to your existing access control, top of the line web-based access control, support for any matching options, and versatile biometric fingerprint, facial recognition readers, in motion identification, chances are…we have what you need.


Intrusion Alarm Systems & Perimeter protection

Linear Technologies operates with fully redundant UL Listed monitoring centers setting the industry standard for reliability, redundancy and scalability. We offer you a wide variety of intrusion alarm monitoring services for our commercial and residential customers. Our web portal and mobile apps provide our customers with all of the tools needed to manage intrusion alarms and systems.


Intercom and Public Address (PA) systems

Our intercom systems support the seamless integration of various systems for CCTV Surveillance, Alarms and Control. All systems and components are brought together on a common platform. The uniform user interface gives security staff convenient control of all functions and tasks required to ensure life safety and secure property. Easy operation, both for the public and security personnel, combined with very high speech quality ensure effective and efficient results.


Security Consulting Services

NYS License # 12000294125

Our licensed experts team offers professional services for system design, program management, system audits, security assessments, security operations and security standards design. The value of our services lies in the expertise we have acquired through years of practical experience as a security systems integrator

Our Security Division works with companies of all sizes and from a range of industries, advanced solutions are particularly applicable to:

  • Multinational corporations with multiple systems deployed across different geographical regions looking for one standardized Central Management System (CMS)
  • Corporations with high focus on return on investment (ROI) priority
  • Corporations operating in unique industries or vertical segments with distinctive security, facilities and business challenges
  • Corporations which struggle with low operational efficiency and productivity

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